Hi all! My name is Kara, and I'm currently a lighting TD on Croods 2. Last year, I graduated college from computer science and visual arts departments, having focused on computer graphics theory and graphic design. Before college, I spent a lot of time with photography and oil paint. During quarantine, I've been learning about color theory and optics.

On this page I've included work most closely linked with elements of cinematography. To see a wider range of portfolio work including technical computer graphics work, visit my general portfolio.

several things I've done

public visual journal

DWA Lighting Work

shot lighting for Croods 2, sq50/s30

scout lighting for Croods 2, sq1025

Motherhood at Midnight

digital b&w, long-exposure photo series

Light Shards

site-specific murals documenting ephemeral sunlight patterns


digital studio and natural light portraits of friends


documenting natural environments, often while hiking or backpacking

Lighting Research

continual observation and photographic documentation of interesting light encounters including caustics patterns, light shards, and blocking geometry

Oil Paintings

physical studies learning about color palettes and mixing

Topography Typography

algorithmic letterform detection and typeface creation from arbitrary satellite imagery; really little to do with cinematography, but fun to talk about!